There is the sheepfold 300 meters from our house in which we keep our sheeps of many different races, mouflons, wild Scotch sheeps and goats.

We offer direct possibility to meet many different kinds of sheeps or mouflons for everyone who loves animals. Often you can also feed a lamb with a bottle.

For parents with children it is possibility to build sheds and tree houses together. They can also feed fishes and farm animals.
If you are interested please ask us your questions and we will help you to fully make use of possibilities of our agrotourism.

Just like every homestead we are trying to keep not only national, but also EU’s standards. In 2008 we received ARiMR certification which proved that we are an organic farm. It means that our meadows and raising of our sheeps are ecological.

Animals are feed only in a traditional way without additions which may help them to develop or to resistance the diseases.